Zvartnots - Armenia international airport

   Yerevan “Zvartnots” Airport representing the main air gate of the Republic of Armenia and has been opened in 1961.

   On 1985 ICAO Granted the airport the second class.

   In 2002, under the concession agreement signed between the RA Government and Argentinean “Corporacion America” Company, “Zvartnots” International Airport has been handed over to “Armenia” International Airports” CJSC concession management for the period of 30 years.
   The airport's runway was fully repaired, were installed information and check-in new systems, were repaired VIP lounges and arrival hall and introduced to operation on September 14, 2006, the departure hall of the new passenger terminal was introduced into operation on May 25, 2007.
   In Spring of 2008, the construction of the new passenger terminal of public zone has started, end of which is anticipated in 2011. In the new passenger terminal with the territory of 52.000 sqm, the passenger check-in counters and security control points will be doubled. A new underground parking will be built, with parking area for more than 800 cars. When this terminal is built, “Zvartnots” International Airport will become number one airport in South Caucasus.

   Navigation system installed in the airdrome is corresponds to the 2nd class of ICAO standard.

The information was taken from "Zvartnots" International Airport website.